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One day your WHY will help you to figure out that HOW!

No matter how skillful or under skill you are, if you have a dream you will get lots of success funda on internet or advise. Many will motivate you, many will discourage you. In fact there will be plenty of days when you are the most perfect person for that dream but you will feel that you can’t do it & you will quit.
There is nothing in the world which can’t be learned or can’t be achieved. Even the things which don’t exist now will going to be part of you or human in coming time & its not because some extremely skillful guy or team thought of it. It’s just because some crazy clearly see the possibility of it. So what is that one must have thing that make it possible?
I believe the only key thing you must have to achieve any dream is your WHY.  Rest all you will learn or get with time.
Your Why should be much much higher then How.
Your Why can’t be money, crave of name & fame or because everyone is doing it.
WHY must be soulful & crystal clear part of you. It should flow in your blood. It’s something you are willing to die for because the truth is the bigger your vision is the biggest challenge you will face. The struggle is almost like death experience or will be humiliating & tough that you will prompt to quit.
You will face confusions, failures, doubts, insult, crisis, hunger, pain, heartbreak & many thing which you never even imagine in your life. You will be left alone, abandoned on the path, You will be laughed as abnormal, crazy, stupid, boring, loser, etc..
You will fall not just one time might be ten, thousand or million time & every time you will have a thousand reasons to quit.
At that moment, only your WHY will keep you going. Your WHY will give you that one strong reason which fade away that thousand run away reason.
So you should figure out your WHY before anything.
& remember everything is possible. Failure is an important ingredient of success. No matter how tough it is, it is possible.
You can fly because some crazy person thought someday to make human fly, your nights are brighter because someone thought for more than moon light, you are connected to the world through the phone and internet because someone’s dream was to connect people, there are many examples. If they quit because of failure & being humiliated by mediocre, then you would not have these things.
Everything is possible. The bigger the dream the bigger the pain. But you got to keep moving even when you are bleeding, as one day the pain will vanish and dream will become your reality. One day you will get it, LIVE IT!
Don’t Quit. Believe in Yourself & Your Journey.
As one day your WHY will help you to figure out that HOW!
Live your Dream,

We get when We Give!

We get Exceptional Best when

we give

Exceptional Best

& show 

Exceptional Guts!

God works on simple principles!



Life challenges every day & test us. But the best part of god test is he always give a solution & big opportunity with problem.

Every problem has a solutions but we start worrying too much that we don’t see that solution & the opportunity.

If we always remember that challenges comes to make us strong , to make our life more meaningful & successful. Our sky will surly become clear & we will be all ready to fly…


– Nics (NitikaS/ Neha)


Energize Your Life & Live It to the fullest!

People say Life is to live but you know,  to live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist, that is all.

Life is the most beautiful gift by god. It’s a miracle! Life is not just to born, grow and die; it’s more than that. We all come here with a special purpose, we need to find our purpose & live it.

Life is to Enjoy, Live, Cherish and Love Every Moment. Life is to energize your every moment & channelize positive energy to live Happy & Purposeful Life.

So question is how to energize it, live it fully & make it Purposeful? Here are some ways out:

  1. Love Yourself: You are born as an individual; god gifted you this beautiful life, so Love Yourself. You have to learn to love yourself before loving others.  It doesn’t mean being selfish, It means to praise, adore or respect yourself enough so that you can stand for yourself in every situation. It’s very important to love self & it helps you in dealing with life in better manner.
  2. Find Purpose: Everyone on this earth is born for a special purpose, find your purpose & live it.
  3. Believe/ Trust Yourself: Be Confident & Trust Yourself. It’s the key for happy & successful life. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything in Life. You have all you need including capabilities of having what you don’t..Trust Yourself! Believe Yourself that you can! And you will see everything will fall into place.
  4. Live in every moment: Every moment is precious & it will never come again. Don’t put off living to next week, next month, next year or next decade. The only time you’re ever living is in this moment. So Enjoy every moment, you are the one who make it beautiful.
  5. Be Positive: No matter how hard & panic situation is… try to remain positive. Remember No condition is permanent & time will pass. So stay positive & enjoy both your Happy & Sad Days! You have to go through bad time & it’s entirely your choice either to waste it with negative feelings & being sad or take a courage to be positive & change it as soon as you can.
  6. Stay Healthy: Your body is the only place you live in, so take good care of it. Nothing can be done with bad health neither work nor enjoyment. So do workouts, eat healthy food, laugh a lot, pamper your skin at parlors & spa’s & do whatever you want to do to stay healthy & glowing.
  7. Be Emotionally Wise:   You need be extremely wise when it comes to dealing with people. No matter whether its real or virtual/online personal or professional relationship/dealings, you need to learn the art of understanding & dealing with emotions & mind of individual.                                                                                                                          a) You should be wise enough to understand your & people feelings, body language, moods, likes & dislikes.                               b) This is world of virtual relationship & people can easily trick you into something called non repairable damage, you have to be extremely smart while getting into any virtual / online friendship or dealings. Be emotional smart & see across the game before getting into anything serious.                                                                                      c) Take workshops for emotional intelligence or read EI books & follow this blog. Interpersonal skills & right amount of emotions will help you to live successful & happy professional & personal life.    
  8. Work where your heart is: Search for your passion & work on it while keeping purpose of life in mind. It will help you to reach your goals, live successful happy life & do wonders. Don’t compromise your dreams on short-term gains. Live your dreams!
  9. Rise in Love: Fall in love is not worth it. You should always rise in love. I agree, love can happen with anyone but proceeding in love and changing your & other life is in your hand. Learn the difference between love, lust, infatuation & liking. Sometimes we mix these & get into dark zone. One sided love is never successful, so if its one-sided then try to divert it into good friendship else you will be in mess. Don’t worry life will bless you with someone who will love you. Never let anyone steal your thunder & your charisma. If someone truly loves you, they will be with you & always help you to rise. 
  10. Stay Strong: Don’t let situation make you weak. Always remember weak person is the most vulnerable person. Be Determined & Stay Strong.
  11. Stay Focused: Focus on Purpose of life, divide your Life goal into small goals, take small steps but with full focus on your Life Goal. & pamper yourself as you achieve your milestones, it will help you to remain motivated.
  12. Stay Content: Take what makes you happy & help you to have better life. Don’t be a garbage bag of unnecessary thoughts, worries, negative feelings, negative comments, etc. Make your Mind Virus/ Hackers free & take only positive & good things.
  13. Surround yourself with positive people: It will channelize positive energy and make life more beautiful.
  14. Compliment & Praise: Compliment & Praise yourself and people. It’s the must thing.  Everyone wants compliments & love being praised. Sometime a simple compliment makes people day. So do that without missing a single chance. It will help you stay happy & motivated and also help in bonding with yourself & people.
  15. Last but not the least, Be best version of yourself! No matter who you are, how you look, what you do & what you are going through. Always carry best of yourself: your attitude,  sound mind, smile & good heart.  Be Yourself & show the best of your version! 

Cherish your life every moment & be the star of your movie that’s the key to energize your life.

Life is too short to wait for rain to stop. Go Enjoy Dancing in the Rain & Live Your Life at Fullest!

Enjoy & Take Care,



Believe in the beauty of dreams !


“Destiny belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and have the courage to pursue it. Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done” – Sri Sri


Be a first-rate version of yourself

Always be a  first-rate version  of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” – Anonymous


If you can Dream It, You Can Do It!

“If you can Dream It, YOU CAN DO IT!” – Walt Disney


Your “I CAN” is more important than your IQ!

“Your “I CAN” is more important than your IQ!” – Anonymous


Helpful Steps to Live your Purpose & have THE ULTIMATE LIFE!

I thought for so many days what should I write in next article? So many topics going in mind but i was not able to finalize the one I should write & add-on something good to your life. Then I realized that the answer lies within my question, within my confusion. And I decided to write on the topic which is actually the purpose of this blog, which I actually want to give you: help to make rest of  your life the best of your life.

This article is inspired by my Counseling, Coaching Experience & lots of motivational bestseller books worldwide.

So here is my article to live your purpose & have The ULTIMATE LIFE. Follow these basic steps in various list of exercises & get what you want in Life!

Let’s Start

Get in the dark room or room with less light, close your eyes & think deeply what is your purpose of life? Are you able to give best to your purpose of life? Are you be able to be the person you actually want to be? Forget about what other say, it may be your parent, siblings, friends, gf/bf, spouse, colleague, any damm people exist in your life, Just forget everyone for this very moment & Just ask yourself, Are you the person you actually want to be? Are you able to match upto your own expectation, own dreams? Are you actually proud on self? Are you confident on your decisions? Are you able to live fearlessly with no pressure, no dramas of life, no pretending, nothing Just Proudly as YOU? Are you the source of inspiration to someone? Are you ideal of someone? When you will be old & about to die, are you be able to reach the level of Ultimate Satisfaction That You Did What You Are Born For?

Think It seriously & then open your eyes, Switch on Light & write your answer. True Honest Answers.

If your all answers are Yes! Which is actually rare but if Yes then you are doing great Job! Congrats!

But if your any answer or all answers are NO. Then…… Then No worries… We will work together on same to make every answer YES!

Don’t worry, your realization of No & desire to make it Yes is the first step to reach your Purpose & Live The Ultimate Life!

We all want YES to all these questions. We all want to live great life. We all want to say, listen & feel excellent about self. The only problem is that when we face any challenge in life, in any form we start sacrificing that Ultimate Purpose/ Goal for sake of momentary relief. We opt for shortcut healing & that way we start sacrificing & then losing our dream. It’s the bitter truth but we all do it.

Let’s promise ourselves that we will not going to use shortcuts & not going to be happy in compromising our purpose of life, our dreams. We will live our dreams, our Purpose & WILL SURELY LIVE THE ULTIMATE LIFE!

But how we actually do it? How we actually do something that we reach our goal?

How? That’s a Big Question but the Answer is very simple ‘BELIEVING SELF’. By developing Unshakable trust on self.  The whole big fat or cute little self-help books about self-confidence, mega living, power of subconscious mind, power of positive thinking, Think & grow rich, Laws of Attraction & all the best seller/excellent books , every motivational workshop, every motivational website, every motivational stuff with lots of idea, different words & definitions end up on this basic key factor ‘BELIEVING SELF’.  Only Thing they want to say in various form is ‘BELIEVING SELF’. THAT’S THE ULTIMATE SOURCE OF ENERGY TO ACHIEVE ANYTHING. THAT’S THE MASTER KEY TO ALL YOUR PROBLEMS. THAT’S THE ULTIMATE MAGIC TRICK TO REACH YOUR GOAL.

In this article, I’ll give you basic & elaborate essential topic & methods in next articles. If you want something specific please let me know.

We all think we believe ourselves but none of us do it 100%.

Because when we Truly Believe – we are optimistic, we are able to focus, we are able to trick out solutions to every single problem, we grow up that we can handle any damm situation & manage it perfectly, We get all skills. And entire universe start helping us to achieve real results.

So how actually we learn to believe? How actually our mind & heart start working together to believe in the purpose?

Answer is simple, we have to train our mind.

How? The way we train self for anything. Simplest examples,  If you eat in dark, your hand will take food to your mouth not your nose, ear, eyes, etc because our hand is trained to perform that action. You train self to balance on cycle, bikes. You train self to swim & play. Similarly we need to train our mind to perform best and open abundance source of energy to us.

You might not know but this small approx 1400 grams of thing placed on top of your body which we call Brain is the most powerful thing in this world. Yes! your mind is the true source of energy. It is more powerful than your computer, your internet, your smartphone, all cool gadgets you can think of. It’s much much powerful. But problem is we never take care of it & utilize it fully.

I read somewhere “Mind is the worst master & the best slave” and actually find it true. If you train your mind, you will get everything you actually want but if you let it control you, you will end up in many problems. You have to master your mind & train it to Believe in your purpose.

You must have read quote from book ‘The Alchemist’ that “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”. That’s the truth of life & it’s because of burning true desire of our mind to achieve it. The TRUE PASSION, STRONG BELIEVE IN SELF & YOUR ULTIMATE PURPOSE.

I think you got my point, if not mail me. I’ll write detailed article on this.

Crux is, if you want to achieve your purpose, live your goals you have to train your mind to believe in yourself.  I’ll help you to achieve it but real help can be done by yourself. You have to trust these steps & follow it passionately with positive mind.

I hope you will do it!

So, Let’s train self to believe, train our mind in getting what we actually want:


Promise yourself you will not complain about problems, failures and you will genuinely start finding solutions for every single problem you face. No excuse at all. PROMISE SELF!

If you don’t have time cut less important things, sleep only essential. If don’t have money work extra. If you don’t have skills then learn it. If you are not able to find coach then coach self. If you have emotional problem become emotional intelligent, strong. Any problem, you will give your best to find the solution. First thing you need to do is get this Positive Attitude.

Let me tell you, Initially you may fail in many things but if you try again you will start winning & this give you ULTIMATE SOURCE OF CONFIDENCE & BELIEVE. DO IT! IT’S VERY IMPORTANT.



Let’s do it. But WAIT!  DO YOU ACTUALLY REALIZE YOUR ULTIMATE PURPOSE, PASSION, GOAL?  IF NOT, ASK YOURSELF.  FIND THE ANSWER! Ask yourself what you actually want to be & you will get your answer.

IF YOU WANT TO REALIZE & LIVE YOUR PURPOSE, you need to develop habit of writing Diary. Sound boring to many but its important! A Diary either a paper diary or notes on your mobile or tablets but not laptop. Only on things you can carry & place near you when you sleep. Best is real paper diary. It’s the way, don’t try to find shortcut. That’s a waste & not worth it. Do it, you will love it after some time.

1. So on First page:

Write your purpose of life. The actual ultimate purpose in just one paragraph. And read it loud, DO you like your Purpose?  Good! Well Done!

Keep a copy of this Ultimate Purpose in your mobile also, so you can read it anywhere & anytime.

2. Second/ Third Page:

Write your goals in life, ultimate goals which you think you want to achieve anyhow personal goal, professional goal, fun goal, adventure goal, monetary goal & every type of goal.  

3. Next Pages: Write the path to reach your ultimate purpose & ultimate goal. Things to achieve in this month, 1 year, 5 year & 10 year.

4. Next Pages: Do your own SWOT (Strength Weakness, Opportunities & Threats) Analysis, and find out:


a)      What all you need to achieve your goal, list it.

b)      All negative things stopping you to achieve it people, habits, emotions, behavior, etc

c)       All positive things which help you to achieve it.

d)      What shakes you most in life & make you low?

e)      What motivate you most when you are low?

f)       What is your Strength, Weakness, Trigger points, etc.

Write everything for sure, don’t skip.

To be honest I also tried to skip things once & then I failed. I redo & realized that it truly works and even all people I coached see the actual difference once they believe in this process & follow it regularly.

But why I’m telling you to write this?

Actually to train your mind & condition it.

Before starting actual training let me tell you one thing frankly, if you will not going to trust in this, your mind will always reject all this & you will waste your time. You have to trust & take it seriously.

I hope you will do it seriously!

So now Let’s go to main exercise for ultimate living:

1. First exercise: You need to keep that ultimate purpose in written with you all the time. Read as many time as you can atleast for a month, especially just before you hit the bed & just after you open your eyes. And whenever you are free. After a month only the time you hit the bed & you wake up.

Sound uncool, i know but do it! You will thank me forever for this uncool stuff when you start seeing the ultimate success results. So trust me & Do it! Give this daily dose of your ultimate purpose to self without failing.

2. Second exercise: As you wake up & see mirror, give big smile to self and say one good thing about self, thing you love about self.

Good Morning Dear! You just started your day with a believe in self, a positive thought & love for self. Well Done! Have a happy positive day!

3. Third exercise: In morning, while having your morning tea/ coffee/ energy drink/ juice/ beer whatever you take, just plan your day: Important things to do & less important things to do. Use this plan and don’t forget to pamper & award yourself once you achieve it. This daily exercise help you to automatically train your mind to be best time manager.

4. Fourth exercise: Before stepping out of your morning tea mode, promise yourself that no matter what happen today, how easy or challenging things show up you will handle them easily, perfectly & positively. Say to self ‘I have all capabilities, I BELIEVE IN MYSELF & I’LL BE THE WINNER’!

This way you condition your mind to do things with positive attitude & full focus.

5. Fifth exercise: You need to do is whatever you do, do it with full heart. There is no point in doing halfhearted things. If you don’t find your heart in anything & it’s not aligned to your purpose, leave that & do what you love to do & is aligned to your ultimate purpose.

6. Sixth exercise: Enjoy your Day, laugh a lot, surround yourself with positive people, try to do one thing every day which make you feel proud & positive.

7. Seventh exercise: When you are going to bed, take out your diary & see where you reach, what weakness you learn to overpower, what strength you add-on to self, what good things you did today, what negative things you removed, what other negative things you feel today & how you will work on negative things to make it positive. How will you work to add more strength to self, what you will do to enrich yourself to reach your Goals. DO This Seriously!

8. Eighth exercise: Read your Ultimate Purpose & Sleep with the thought that you will surely make your life positive, happy & will surely achieve your Ultimate Purpose!

Just 8 steps, so easy & simple!

Follow this for 20 days without cheating a single time & tell me what you see. If you face problems, mail me. I’ll help you. If you want you can share this with your dear ones & ask their support to let you reach your goal.

I’m sure if you do this seriously within 2 months’ time you will see everything so positive & a very different, Confident personality. The best  of your Personality! You will surly start seeing it!

And if you follow this sincerely, you will achieve what you want, you will reach your goals, your inner strength increase, you will gain confidence, nothing can take you away from your ultimate dream & you will be very happy!

So, Give it a shot & don’t forget to share results with me. If you want you can mail or comment. Its upto you. But do share your success story & motivate other people to follow same.

Hope you will like my article & it will help you to add-on something good in your life 🙂

All The Very Best!

Stay True, Stay You!


Nics(Nitika/ Neha)


The Ultimate Winner!

“Everyone falls. Its good that you bounce back, But the Big Applause is for the real Enthu, Passion & Courage you show to bounce back & get in the game, To be THE ULTIMATE WINNER!”   – Nics (Nitika/ Neha)


I refuse to sink!

Quote sink motivate to live blog

“I’m not always strong but i refuse to sink!” – Anonymous


You have to believe in yourself!

“To be champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will” – Anonymous


Self Confidence – Quote

“Self confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how awesome you are if you can’t see it yourself?” – Anonymous


Life find its way!

 “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly”~Proverb