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One day your WHY will help you to figure out that HOW!

No matter how skillful or under skill you are, if you have a dream you will get lots of success funda on internet or advise. Many will motivate you, many will discourage you. In fact there will be plenty of days when you are the most perfect person for that dream but you will feel that you can’t do it & you will quit.
There is nothing in the world which can’t be learned or can’t be achieved. Even the things which don’t exist now will going to be part of you or human in coming time & its not because some extremely skillful guy or team thought of it. It’s just because some crazy clearly see the possibility of it. So what is that one must have thing that make it possible?
I believe the only key thing you must have to achieve any dream is your WHY.  Rest all you will learn or get with time.
Your Why should be much much higher then How.
Your Why can’t be money, crave of name & fame or because everyone is doing it.
WHY must be soulful & crystal clear part of you. It should flow in your blood. It’s something you are willing to die for because the truth is the bigger your vision is the biggest challenge you will face. The struggle is almost like death experience or will be humiliating & tough that you will prompt to quit.
You will face confusions, failures, doubts, insult, crisis, hunger, pain, heartbreak & many thing which you never even imagine in your life. You will be left alone, abandoned on the path, You will be laughed as abnormal, crazy, stupid, boring, loser, etc..
You will fall not just one time might be ten, thousand or million time & every time you will have a thousand reasons to quit.
At that moment, only your WHY will keep you going. Your WHY will give you that one strong reason which fade away that thousand run away reason.
So you should figure out your WHY before anything.
& remember everything is possible. Failure is an important ingredient of success. No matter how tough it is, it is possible.
You can fly because some crazy person thought someday to make human fly, your nights are brighter because someone thought for more than moon light, you are connected to the world through the phone and internet because someone’s dream was to connect people, there are many examples. If they quit because of failure & being humiliated by mediocre, then you would not have these things.
Everything is possible. The bigger the dream the bigger the pain. But you got to keep moving even when you are bleeding, as one day the pain will vanish and dream will become your reality. One day you will get it, LIVE IT!
Don’t Quit. Believe in Yourself & Your Journey.
As one day your WHY will help you to figure out that HOW!
Live your Dream,


“Techumanology”(Technology + Human Power/Humanity), A new word from me to the world.

Spoke about Technology future & how Techumanology can bring much smarter & better future for all then just technology! #GMIC Bangalore Event.

Shared views at #GMIC Event with the Techy Innovators like me who are going to shape the future of technology!

Trying to contribute as much as i can to Change The World for betterment of Humankind in all possible way!

NitikaS, Founder & CEO, VNOW,
Techy Innovator by mind & Human by heart 🙂

Richard Branson: Inspiring Leader & Amazingly Creative Person!

Richard Branson well-known figure across world. Owner of the biggest group in the world ‘Virgin Group’. Why I want you all to know about Richard Branson? It’s certainly not  just to tell how great or amazing he is. I wanna tell about him to make you realize that if you believe in yourself, you can achieve what you actually want in life even if you are suffering from any problem. So here I go…

Richard Branson is a super cool Dude! Extremely courageous, creative, imaginative, innovative, adventurous & determined. His self-confidence, refusal to give in and readiness to challenge largely accepted norms became the fertile grounds on which success blossomed. From a Dyslexia, poor IQ test, poor image in front of teachers, school & people; he rise himself to the level of the most successful & influential people in world. A creative genius started his success story from an eye catcher student newspaper ‘The Student’ & now owning biggest Group with 400 companies ‘Virgin Group’.

The person for whom business is not about wearing suits or keeping stockholders pleased. It’s about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials. I like & respect Richard Branson not just because of his extremely confident personality & his inspiring story but also because he is the man who really want the world to grow. He is the man who helps, promote young entrepreneur with amazingly cool ideas. Virgin Startup helps entrepreneur with funding, resources & advice they need to make their business in reality.

He believe in himself & did what his heart said not what world assumed. He refuse to follow crowd, he refused to limit himself because of dyslexia, He refused to accept the poor IQ test result, he refused to be poor failure unnoticed common person and he refused to let stigmas of the society pull him down. His achievements were born of his undying trust on self, willpower & determination. He wins because that’s what he wants to and that’s what he is born for. I like him because no amount of ridicule could ever rob his confidence & faith.

Here are some interesting details of his career: The 20-something Richard Branson racked up a résumé that would impress no one: high-school dropout with dyslexia and had poor reading and math skills. Failed get-rich-quick schemes. Long-haired, barefooted hippie. Struggling business that led to two arrests and a night in jail on suspicion of tax evasion. His IQ scores were low and to teachers & school he was obviously not bright. But what IQ test & school failed to notice is his burning ambition, creative intelligence & exemplary interpersonal skills. His strong desire drove him on to find creative solutions no matter what problems were & to keep persisting where others would have given up long before.

As a teenager, Richard became extremely frustrated with the rigidity of schools rules & regulations. His first creative rebellion was to start his own Newspaper for Students. A dyslexic starting a Newspaper? Yes! He started his newspaper ‘The Student’ He didn’t published boring newspaper dedicated to school neither he limited his paper to student articles. He made it colorful, exciting & appealing to all. He invites Rockstars, Movie stars, sports stars, creative stars, MPs etc to contribute. He thought it differently & ‘The Student’ was a hit. Richard’s college principal said to him ‘Congratulation Branson! I predict you will either go to prison or become a millionaire,” Branson always recognizes opportunities when they cruise by him, and it was this innate business knack that helped him lay the foundation to what is today one of the world’s best known brands.

In 1970, the British Government had abolished the Retail Price Maintenance Agreement, but major music stores refused to lower the price of their ware. Branson started a mail order discount music records business that progressed like wildfire. The first chapter in the glorious story of Virgin is young Branson’s decision to set up the recording studio Virgin Records, fueled by the success of his discount records venture. The name “Virgin” was coined by a colleague who explained that they were all virgins in business, and thus the name was apt. Mike Oldfield’s instrumental compositions Tubular Bells topped charts in 1973, and stayed on the UK charts for almost 250 weeks.

Richard Branson is known for his boldness, be it his appetite for adventure sports, or for his unconventional business methods. Soon after the launch of Virgin Records, Branson signed on the controversial Sex Pistols, and went on to gain appreciation for publishing avant-garde works like that of Faust and Can. And thereon began a series of trend-setting achievements in the musical world. Today, Virgin is a brand whose assortment of businesses includes airways, publishing and distributing books, music supermarkets, start-up loans, credit cards, holiday planning, fitness clubs and recently, countering global warming. The empire called Virgin Group is made of more than 400 companies that function independently with different boards. However, all these companies have something in common: the collective knowledge and experience.

You may like to read his Autobiography  book ‘Losing My Virginity’ , it’s also a perennial bestseller.  

If a man suffering from dyslexia could make history & become billionaire with people following him & writing about him than why you are holding yourself?? Trust yourself!

Your believe, willpower, determination & ability to channelize your energy into something you wanna do is the key.

You hold the key to unlock door of your success! Come On! Go for It!  

– NitikaS


Steve Innovation Quote

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Job