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The Unstoppable

The Unstoppable, highly motivating session by Sandeep Maheshwari in hindi. When i saw it, i feel urge to share with you guys.

If you really want to do something great, listen to your inner soul. You have all strength, strength you even can’t think of. Once you show your sincere commitment, the entire universe will back you, God will be there for you. Be especial in your own way. Be The Unstoppable.


we are human with heart & feelings!!

my q1

We are so busy in our loud life that we forget to care about those little things which other do or try to do for us & refuse to admire that even acknowledge that.

Sometime it’s good to give smile on other’s face, sometimes its good to pour people with love when they are least expecting from you…

I know, No time for bonding in this fast world but still we can manage some time  for being good to others.  After all we are not programmed robots, we are human with heart & feelings!!      Nics (Nitika/ Neha)