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We get when We Give!

We get Exceptional Best when

we give

Exceptional Best

& show 

Exceptional Guts!

God works on simple principles!



God’s way to let us reach our true potential!

Every challenge is a God’s way to let us reach our true potential. We should be happy as god think that we are strong enough to handle it & capable enough to take much Bigger Responsibilities!


Never ever give-up!

If you have a strong dream & have one crystal clear goal in Life. If you feel that you are meant to be something. If you can sense the god plan for you. Don’t ever worry about Detour. It happens to everyone. If you check out history of most successful people ever exist on this earth, you will actually find that detours, bloopers & setbacks. Every History creator face that and very bad one! But they still make things work because they believed in themselves & Never give-up! They never give-up on their dreams, they never give-up on learning, they never give-up in any form even if the heaven fell on them.

You should not lose your confidence, your connection with your inner self, your connection with your Life Road Map & your connection with God.

Life simply test you in every sense before giving you what you actually deserve & what actually you are made for.

Just remember two things in life:

  1. There is no dead-end in life, but if you ever feel so just take a U-turn & find the new road to make things work. You always have an Option.
  2. The only person you ever need to convince, motivate & push to follow your dream is the person you meet every day in your mirror.

Just believe in yourself. You are born different & blessed with immense super power. You have all you need, including capabilities to gain/ arrange what you don’t have.

Never ever give-up to detours, bloopers & setbacks!

No matter how bad you feel, how sick you are, how dull you are… Stand up & show that you are meant for your goal. You are meant to be The Best!

Focus on your dreams, focus on what you are born for!

– NitikaS

Faith & Confidence Undamaged.

A businessman who lost everything in a fire placed a Sign Board:

“Everything burnt but luckily faith & Confidence Undamaged. Business Starts Tomorrow.”


That’s the Spirit. I really believe in this & follow same attitude. Really liked this message over LinkedIn.

Thought to share with all of you guys.

It’s Us

“I realized it’s not people who snatch away our dreams, its our own energy sucker negative emotions that make us stop believing in ourself. It’s just that these energy suckers make us feel like victim not the survivor, not the warrior.

It’s us who can change things not others.

We have to learn the art of throwing these energy sucker emotions out of our life. And When we choose to be the power house of positive emotions & energy, when we start believing self & start taking charge of our life. We change. We grow like never before. We realize our dreams & make them true. And above all, We become much stronger & better person.”

– Nics (NitikaS/ Neha)


Life challenges every day & test us. But the best part of god test is he always give a solution & big opportunity with problem.

Every problem has a solutions but we start worrying too much that we don’t see that solution & the opportunity.

If we always remember that challenges comes to make us strong , to make our life more meaningful & successful. Our sky will surly become clear & we will be all ready to fly…


– Nics (NitikaS/ Neha)

Energize Your Life & Live It to the fullest!

People say Life is to live but you know,  to live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist, that is all.

Life is the most beautiful gift by god. It’s a miracle! Life is not just to born, grow and die; it’s more than that. We all come here with a special purpose, we need to find our purpose & live it.

Life is to Enjoy, Live, Cherish and Love Every Moment. Life is to energize your every moment & channelize positive energy to live Happy & Purposeful Life.

So question is how to energize it, live it fully & make it Purposeful? Here are some ways out:

  1. Love Yourself: You are born as an individual; god gifted you this beautiful life, so Love Yourself. You have to learn to love yourself before loving others.  It doesn’t mean being selfish, It means to praise, adore or respect yourself enough so that you can stand for yourself in every situation. It’s very important to love self & it helps you in dealing with life in better manner.
  2. Find Purpose: Everyone on this earth is born for a special purpose, find your purpose & live it.
  3. Believe/ Trust Yourself: Be Confident & Trust Yourself. It’s the key for happy & successful life. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything in Life. You have all you need including capabilities of having what you don’t..Trust Yourself! Believe Yourself that you can! And you will see everything will fall into place.
  4. Live in every moment: Every moment is precious & it will never come again. Don’t put off living to next week, next month, next year or next decade. The only time you’re ever living is in this moment. So Enjoy every moment, you are the one who make it beautiful.
  5. Be Positive: No matter how hard & panic situation is… try to remain positive. Remember No condition is permanent & time will pass. So stay positive & enjoy both your Happy & Sad Days! You have to go through bad time & it’s entirely your choice either to waste it with negative feelings & being sad or take a courage to be positive & change it as soon as you can.
  6. Stay Healthy: Your body is the only place you live in, so take good care of it. Nothing can be done with bad health neither work nor enjoyment. So do workouts, eat healthy food, laugh a lot, pamper your skin at parlors & spa’s & do whatever you want to do to stay healthy & glowing.
  7. Be Emotionally Wise:   You need be extremely wise when it comes to dealing with people. No matter whether its real or virtual/online personal or professional relationship/dealings, you need to learn the art of understanding & dealing with emotions & mind of individual.                                                                                                                          a) You should be wise enough to understand your & people feelings, body language, moods, likes & dislikes.                               b) This is world of virtual relationship & people can easily trick you into something called non repairable damage, you have to be extremely smart while getting into any virtual / online friendship or dealings. Be emotional smart & see across the game before getting into anything serious.                                                                                      c) Take workshops for emotional intelligence or read EI books & follow this blog. Interpersonal skills & right amount of emotions will help you to live successful & happy professional & personal life.    
  8. Work where your heart is: Search for your passion & work on it while keeping purpose of life in mind. It will help you to reach your goals, live successful happy life & do wonders. Don’t compromise your dreams on short-term gains. Live your dreams!
  9. Rise in Love: Fall in love is not worth it. You should always rise in love. I agree, love can happen with anyone but proceeding in love and changing your & other life is in your hand. Learn the difference between love, lust, infatuation & liking. Sometimes we mix these & get into dark zone. One sided love is never successful, so if its one-sided then try to divert it into good friendship else you will be in mess. Don’t worry life will bless you with someone who will love you. Never let anyone steal your thunder & your charisma. If someone truly loves you, they will be with you & always help you to rise. 
  10. Stay Strong: Don’t let situation make you weak. Always remember weak person is the most vulnerable person. Be Determined & Stay Strong.
  11. Stay Focused: Focus on Purpose of life, divide your Life goal into small goals, take small steps but with full focus on your Life Goal. & pamper yourself as you achieve your milestones, it will help you to remain motivated.
  12. Stay Content: Take what makes you happy & help you to have better life. Don’t be a garbage bag of unnecessary thoughts, worries, negative feelings, negative comments, etc. Make your Mind Virus/ Hackers free & take only positive & good things.
  13. Surround yourself with positive people: It will channelize positive energy and make life more beautiful.
  14. Compliment & Praise: Compliment & Praise yourself and people. It’s the must thing.  Everyone wants compliments & love being praised. Sometime a simple compliment makes people day. So do that without missing a single chance. It will help you stay happy & motivated and also help in bonding with yourself & people.
  15. Last but not the least, Be best version of yourself! No matter who you are, how you look, what you do & what you are going through. Always carry best of yourself: your attitude,  sound mind, smile & good heart.  Be Yourself & show the best of your version! 

Cherish your life every moment & be the star of your movie that’s the key to energize your life.

Life is too short to wait for rain to stop. Go Enjoy Dancing in the Rain & Live Your Life at Fullest!

Enjoy & Take Care,