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Most important is to be good human!

“You can be anything in life but the most important is to be the good human!


Help people! You will feel awesome inside!

Helped sweet little kid sunny suffering from cancer admitted at AIIMS, Delhi. Feeling soo good inside that i saved kid life ūüôā God bless him!!

Remembering hindi movie song: ‘ghar se masjid hai bahut dur chalo yu karle kisi roate hue bachche ko hasaayaa jaaye!!

Posting  just to create a bit of awareness & motivation in people to help others. I believe being good human is the best thing we can do for our planet & society. A little help from everyone can create magic and can really make the world better place to live!

Help people! You will feel awesome inside!

– NitikaS



Be Santa & Spread Smiles!!

In this chilly winter, Be Santa to needy people, donate woolens & save lives. ¬†Lots of people die because they can’t buy¬†basic woolens to protect self & family from chilly winters. Help those needy people.

We all have super power to spread smiles & take away pains of others. It’s just up to us whether we want to do so or not. For helping people we¬†don’t need to have big¬†pockets, power, links, etc. We¬†only need to have Big Human Heart!

Hope you all will do something this festival for needy people & spread the cause!!

Be Generous, Be Human & Be Santa! Help People & Spread Smiles!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!



Support Organ Donation


I strongly support Organ Donation. I think giving life to someone & their families is the best & holiest way. Irrespective of religion you follow, we all want deliverance/ moksha & I think donating Organ is the Real Human & God Way for that!


Your greatest test

ur greatest strength

Your greatest test is when you are able to bless someone else while you are going through your own storm.

– Anonymous


Every Child is Special. Say No to Child Labour & Trafficking.

Every Child is Special. They deserve Love, Happiness, Education, Healthy Living & Beautiful Childhood. ¬†They are meant to be loved not anything else. On this Children’s Day, I request all of you to please say NO TO CHILD LABOUR & CHILD TRAFFICKING.