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This New Year Celebrate The Courageous YOU!!

2016 is a year full of shocks & surprises for all. It brought pleasure, fortune to some & hardship, failures to some. But we all have a big reason to celebrate last day of 2016 & new day of 2017.

Celebrate the courageous you because you stand despite of heartbreak, job stress, money crisis, ditches, investor issues, low sale, low volume, sinking biz, family issue, bad health, low marks, hard luck, jokes on your dreams; any of this or all of this.

Celebrate as You stand for you, your dream! You glued broken you to stand again, you showed guts to follow your heart, you trust your vision, you stayed honest in hardship, you didn’t pollute your soul, you stayed with dignity, you cared, you learn to progress, you groom self into a better person, you helped others & kept humanity alive, you make people smile while hiding your tears.  You should celebrate that every single step you took. It was super courageous & it deserves a standing Applause. The whole universe celebrates the power & courage you showed to stand. Take a bow & pat yourself for that. This hardship will pay off  in the future for sure. Celebrate the Courageous You!

Celebrate the success & fortune you get. Your hard work payed off. Celebrate all failures & struggles to get this success. It took alot to be here!

So, no matter who you are, Celebrate self.

Remember one thing, when the whole world was out, you stayed to build. God needs this courage to make the better world.

Welcome New Year with the Hope & True believe that it will bring all you need to live happy & prosperous life.

Smile, take out the campaign/ beer/coke/tea/ coffee &  Raise the toast for self!

Thank you so much god, universe, parent & all of you for making me better person.  Thank you my inner self for letting me realize the power of self. Thank you 2016 for helping me to learn all I should to build a great future. Thank you very much 2016.

Dear 2017 Life I’m ready. I’m ON for you!

Let’s create history together!

I warmly Welcome you 2017!

Cheers !!



During Hard Times, Focus on the Visual of Ideal You!

When you get scared, feel lost & get into trap of impossibility. At those time Focus on what you really want to be. Focus on that Visual of Successful Ideal You & bravely take steps towards that. It can be achieved.

There is no answer to Why. Question to ask is How? What can i do Now?

Magic Do Happens! If you don’t give up!

Must Watch::

Celebrate your worth!

“The year you were born marks only your entry into the world. Other years where you prove your worth, they are the ones worth celebrating.”

– Jarod Kintz


Help people! You will feel awesome inside!

Helped sweet little kid sunny suffering from cancer admitted at AIIMS, Delhi. Feeling soo good inside that i saved kid life 🙂 God bless him!!

Remembering hindi movie song: ‘ghar se masjid hai bahut dur chalo yu karle kisi roate hue bachche ko hasaayaa jaaye!!

Posting  just to create a bit of awareness & motivation in people to help others. I believe being good human is the best thing we can do for our planet & society. A little help from everyone can create magic and can really make the world better place to live!

Help people! You will feel awesome inside!

– NitikaS



Happy New Year – 2015!!

Happy New Year 2015

I wish you all a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2015!

May this new year opens new doors of Happiness, Hopes, Dreams, Passion & All you want!

Wish you a very Motivating & Passionate Year!!

Stay Strong, Stay Focused, Stay Content, Stay Positive & Stay Blessed!!



Stephen Hawking:: Guy who never give up!

If you feel god did so bad to you & now you can’t do anything, you are helpless then you must Google one name; The great Scientist Stephen Hawking.  The biggest example of positive attitude, passion for life, passion for work and strongest Will Power. The greatest example of Courage & Will power that can even beat death & any disability!

Today is the National Disability day of India. On the FM Radio, i heard many Indian Hero’s who win & set an example for people in spite of Disability. I also heard a new term for Disable i.e ‘Differently Able’.  These are people who met unfortunate accidents or never even blessed with a normal condition or body but still they win. They ignored what they don’t have & just focused on what they have & what they can do to help people like them. They work really hard & set examples for others. They are real Heros. While hearing the show, the person who pop up in my mind is ‘Stephen Hawkings’.

Prof. Stephen Hawking is the biggest example of it. I really appreciate & salute this man. He is a big inspiration to me.

Prof. Hawking is suffering from Motor neuron disease. ALS is a condition in which a person body parts get paralysed with time & a person can survive max  6 – 7 years. But Mr Hawkings with his strong will power is living with this from last 48 years. He has been in a wheelchair for almost 42 years with almost every body part paralyses except his sharp mind & can’t even speak for 28 years.

He embodies the importance of taking obstacles in one’s stride. This disease & condition actually changed his outlook towards life. One might not have earmarked Hawking as the next great scientist of a generation. He only learnt to talk at 3 years old, read at 8 years old and was terribly lazy throughout his schooling – even during his studies at Cambridge University. Prof. Hawking had a natural flare for Mathematics, However, upon finding out that University College didn’t offer Maths, Hawking jumped straight into a degree in Physics. After finishing his undergraduate degree, he decided to study Cosmology at Cambridge University.

He discovered his disease at tender age of 20’s which shattered him for some time, but then he decided not to give up & do his best till he live.

Professor Stephen Hawking may be in a wheelchair, and may have to speak through a synthesizer, but he has nonetheless overcome an obstacle doctors never thought he would – to live for 48 years with ALS. Not only has Hawking overcome a monumental obstacle; he has done so exceptionally, becoming a role model.

He is well known & well respected theoretical physicist and cosmologist. Working till now with his full paralysis body thru his brain, eye moment & his VoiceText speech synthesiser & small computer fixed on his wheelchair . He is continually giving his best to the fields of cosmology and quantum gravity, especially black holes, theorem of general relativity, etc.

Hawking has won numerous awards, medals and prizes worldwide for his scientific prowess. Wanting to share his life with the world, Hawking has released two autobiographies, wrote more than 15 books, has been awarded 12 honorary degrees and has even the title of Commander of the British Empire.

He lives life at its best even in the worst condition he is facing. He wants to enjoy weightless condition so he took the weightless flight in 2007 which was actually a big achievement in his condition.  His wish is to go to space & I wish that his dream will come true.

Why I’m telling you his story? It’s because i somewhere realized maybe most of us are blessed with healthy body & mind conditions still we treat us as disable.  Sometimes we become soo helpless & give-up in front of the challenges we face in our personal, social or professional lives. We break down & give up on small things which are actually just pretty small in front of the Purpose we carry for our life.  I’m sharing this because i want you to think about this man courage, outlook & willpower whenever you feel like giving up.
Just think if a person like him can add so much to world & live meaningful life;  why can’t you?? 
It’s only willpower & positive outlook which can change your condition. Yes, it may take time but it will change for sure!
So be positive, be inspirational & no matter who you are, what you are, how much capable or incapable you think you are; Just get up, wipe your tears, throw your pains & feeling of helplessness and work towards something you really good at. Be the change you want to see. 
Get up! Do something for yourself & humankind. Be an example, an inspiration that gives hope to many!

Hope you also get motivated by Prof. Stephen Hawking like me.

In the end, I just want to share Prof. Stephen Hawking Quote:

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.   It matters that you don’t just give up.” 

Stephen Hawking Motivate to live blog


Have a Purposeful Life!

Stay Strong, Stay Focused & Stay Content,



Happy Diwali! 2 Diye Aur Jalaao Khushiyo Ke!

Lighten up someone Diwali with happiness! If u know someone alone this Diwali, make them smile & share the joy..

2 Diye Aur Jalaao Khushiyo Ke!

Happy Diwali!

– NitikaS


Importance of Guru.

A Salute to Alchemist of Our Lives!!

Happy Teacher’s Day!!

Motivate To Live

I realized the importance of Guru(Teacher) in Life…

I realized, if you have a right person who understand you, can feel your every thought, every dream and groom you to be The Best…You can become anything you dream of may be Business Tycoon, Best Sportsperson, Best Star, Super Model, Best Writer, etc, etc .. Anything and Everything in any field you ever wished for.

All you need is strong will, determination and a right person to guide you to reach you to the Top.

You need to search your Alchemist who can groom you & make you billion dollar baby!!

– NitikaS

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Everything happens for a purpose

Everything happens to us has a sole motive to push us towards our destiny. Either good or bad but every incidence has a purpose either to teach u for future or to open up a new door. Wait for sometime  u’ll see dot connection. Till then Njoy The Life Roller-coaster!!

– NitikaS


Happy Independence Day!

 We got Independence after 90 Years of Struggle, Pain & Torture. After Millions of Indians Sacrifices their Dream, Life, Love, Family, Jobs & Blood for Our Country Esteem & Pride. It cost alot to see this Day!!

It’s a Day to honor those Heroes! It’s Day to celebrate the success of toughest war We Win!

It’s the Day to start something to fulfill  dreams those warriors saw for Azaad Bharat!  It’s a Day of Our Independence!

Happy Independence Day!!

From a Proud Indian



If someone truly wants you

“If someone truly wants you, nothing will keep them away. They will do everything they can to be with you.” – Anonymous


Happy Father’s Day!!


When i opened my eyes in this world & I saw man holding my little finger & smiling at me.. I felt he was saying welcome my little angle, don’t be afraid of anything, smile & be happy, ill hold you always, care for you, support you & cherish you always! My little baby! Welcome..ill always love you!!

I saw the first man of my life & smile, felt safe.. His smile was innocent & His eyes speak the truth. I felt protected in his arms.The first man I saw when I born & welcomed on this earth was my Sweetest Father!

My Father, who always prove that words! Who always stand on that words! He is my superhero, my rockstar, my blessing, my best friend & My love!

He is that one man who will leave entire world for me… He is my man!

On this Father’s Day! I salute my Dad! For being such a nice person always..not only to me or my Family but to all people.

One this Father’s Day, I salute your undying spirit to love, care, sharing Joy & Happiness! I salute you for Being True Real Man & Being the Best Human I ever met!

People say every girl see his father as best man.. But I’m not just a daughter…I’m his best friend and I saw his other side to deal with world too & after seeing that side. I can only say Hats off to You Dad! I’m always be proud of you!

On this Father’s Day! I would love to say that I’m Proud to be your Daughter. Thanks for everything you did to make me what I’m today. Thanks for the True Support & Love you gave me when things are not right. Thanks for being there when nobody is there. Thanks for guiding me, teaching me everything, Thanks for giving me genes of being nice, caring, loving in this insensitive world, Thanks for being my best teacher, guide & philosopher. Thanks for being my best friend.

Thanks for bearing my all masti, shaararat, Thanks for giving me guts to handle the world, Thanks for giving me confidence to change impossible to I’m possible. Thanks for giving me courage & power to stand back in every way.
Thanks for making me healed when I come to you with broken heart. Thanks for handling me with Care.

Thanks for giving me sexy scooty, mobile, nice dresses & king size life in my teenage (it help me a lot becoming tashnee & Stylish 😉 ), List is too long…

But above all Thanks for believing in me & my Dreams! Thanks for trusting me & letting me what I’m!

Thanks for everything my man!

God bless me Super Super Power & Super Hero by blessing me with the Dad like you! You are my angle Dad!

I’m so proud of you!

And Dad! Relax now its my chance to stand for you! I’ll make you proud on me! Very Proud!

I love you Dad!

Happy Father’s Day!!

Happy Father’s Day to all Dad’s!


Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom…The most beautiful person in this world. The core reason for our existence. She is always there for us! She know our every emotion & mood. She is the Angel with magic wing. She is our healer, friend, protector, supporter, guide & everything we can think of.. She get transform into that.. She is simply superb!

When we are in pain, we scream Oh Mummy/ Mom/ Maa! because our mind, heart & body know that she has the cure. Cure for our all pain. She will wave her magic wing & take away our whole pain & make as happy again, she has that super power and her Jaadu ki Jhaapi (Magical Hug ) & pyaari si pappi (Lovable Kiss) do wonders in our life.

Whether we reach to top of the world, whether we are  busy in life or we have many people around us but truth is nobody can replace that superpower god bless to us, our Mom & Dad!

Mom knows everything, she is the person one can relay upon!

On this Mother’s Day, I would like to wish my Mom & all other wonderful Mom out there!

Happy Mother’s Day !




One fine day:- WE GROW UP!

Grow up - Nitikas quote - motivatetolive blog

“We take things for granted & suddenly one fine day :- WE GROW UP!”  – Nics (Nitika/ Neha)