Help people, it makes you feel good inside.

I’m so proud to be part of family where each one is trying to do something good for Humanity. I’m proud to be part of family that try to do something good for people not out of compulsion but by heart and take out their time to do something which can add value to people life.

My Dad always work to develop villages & tribal people, promote education, hygiene, provide water, good food & better facilities to people,  helps farmers for better production & selling of grains, arranged so many camps like eye camp, blood donation camps, health camps education & skill camps. So many that I even can’t count.

My Dad recently become president of Lions club & he is going to arrange so much to develop poor people in Rajasthan, India.

My mom support him & all of us to do all such activities, suggest best camps to arrange & help people while camps. My mom is part of dad club & support him in promoting & successfully arranging such good camps & activities.

My sister is a doctor & she can work in big hospitals but she choose to work for village people and always promote health, hygiene to those people. She arranged various free camps & campaign to help poor people. Jiju & Dad along with entire family help her in getting these camp arranged.

My Jiju (Brother in law) run his business but always arrange blood camps, water, education & other camps with his JCI club. My Jiju & Sis work with their club to promote such activities. My Jiju support me in my women empowerment programs. He also support Dad, Mom, Sis & bro in their work.

My brother runs his software business but he helps Dad in his works and support me in running Self Defense Programs for making women self equipped & self-dependent. He help me in promoting a safer world for women. He run fitness club to promote good health to people.

I’m Entrepreneur & run various business. But I also run Women Empowerment Programs, Self defense programs for women, promote education to poor people in Gurgaon, Skill poor to have better living, help old age people to have happy life, work with old age homes & orphanage. I run free self-defense workshops for school children across country. In college as a NSS head arranged so many camps. I run motivational blog & online counseling services to help people in their bad days & help them to achieve their goals in life. I try to promote as much as I can. Now i’m becoming Organ Donor.

We all donate blood every year & promote Organ donation. We feel so good.

Even we are damm busy in our work, business & life but we make sure to take out time for such things. We as a family and as a human know that we have responsibilities towards our society, our planet & humanity. We try to play our little part with full responsibility to make happy world for all.

Seriously proud to be part of such family.

Hope every family do that & make a better world.

I remember blood donation ad line “kar ke dekho, achcha lagta hai” (Do it, you will feel good)

I request you guys to do something, may be a little bit to add life & add something to Humanity.

– NitikaS


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