Happy Father’s Day!!


When i opened my eyes in this world & I saw man holding my little finger & smiling at me.. I felt he was saying welcome my little angle, don’t be afraid of anything, smile & be happy, ill hold you always, care for you, support you & cherish you always! My little baby! Welcome..ill always love you!!

I saw the first man of my life & smile, felt safe.. His smile was innocent & His eyes speak the truth. I felt protected in his arms.The first man I saw when I born & welcomed on this earth was my Sweetest Father!

My Father, who always prove that words! Who always stand on that words! He is my superhero, my rockstar, my blessing, my best friend & My love!

He is that one man who will leave entire world for me… He is my man!

On this Father’s Day! I salute my Dad! For being such a nice person always..not only to me or my Family but to all people.

One this Father’s Day, I salute your undying spirit to love, care, sharing Joy & Happiness! I salute you for Being True Real Man & Being the Best Human I ever met!

People say every girl see his father as best man.. But I’m not just a daughter…I’m his best friend and I saw his other side to deal with world too & after seeing that side. I can only say Hats off to You Dad! I’m always be proud of you!

On this Father’s Day! I would love to say that I’m Proud to be your Daughter. Thanks for everything you did to make me what I’m today. Thanks for the True Support & Love you gave me when things are not right. Thanks for being there when nobody is there. Thanks for guiding me, teaching me everything, Thanks for giving me genes of being nice, caring, loving in this insensitive world, Thanks for being my best teacher, guide & philosopher. Thanks for being my best friend.

Thanks for bearing my all masti, shaararat, Thanks for giving me guts to handle the world, Thanks for giving me confidence to change impossible to I’m possible. Thanks for giving me courage & power to stand back in every way.
Thanks for making me healed when I come to you with broken heart. Thanks for handling me with Care.

Thanks for giving me sexy scooty, mobile, nice dresses & king size life in my teenage (it help me a lot becoming tashnee & Stylish 😉 ), List is too long…

But above all Thanks for believing in me & my Dreams! Thanks for trusting me & letting me what I’m!

Thanks for everything my man!

God bless me Super Super Power & Super Hero by blessing me with the Dad like you! You are my angle Dad!

I’m so proud of you!

And Dad! Relax now its my chance to stand for you! I’ll make you proud on me! Very Proud!

I love you Dad!

Happy Father’s Day!!

Happy Father’s Day to all Dad’s!


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