Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom…The most beautiful person in this world. The core reason for our existence. She is always there for us! She know our every emotion & mood. She is the Angel with magic wing. She is our healer, friend, protector, supporter, guide & everything we can think of.. She get transform into that.. She is simply superb!

When we are in pain, we scream Oh Mummy/ Mom/ Maa! because our mind, heart & body know that she has the cure. Cure for our all pain. She will wave her magic wing & take away our whole pain & make as happy again, she has that super power and her Jaadu ki Jhaapi (Magical Hug ) & pyaari si pappi (Lovable Kiss) do wonders in our life.

Whether we reach to top of the world, whether we are  busy in life or we have many people around us but truth is nobody can replace that superpower god bless to us, our Mom & Dad!

Mom knows everything, she is the person one can relay upon!

On this Mother’s Day, I would like to wish my Mom & all other wonderful Mom out there!

Happy Mother’s Day !




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