Help to Stay Motivated & Master Difficult Situation!

“You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.” 

Sometimes life hit you with a brick on head. And you started bleeding not only outside but inside too.

Do you feel the same way?

Well we all do feel same at some point of Life.

Suddenly everything starts going wrong. Life doesn’t interest us to a good level. At that time when everything seems so bad with dead-end, we broke down & start feeling helpless & depress. It happens to all & it hurts.

PAIN is something which we can’t resist; we have to go through it. Some people broke down to the level that they take extreme negative steps to avoid pain & escape situation but is it really worth it??  NO! It’s not worth it & to be honest it’s the stupidest idea. So just throw it out of your mind.

Every life has problems & everyone goes through big traumas of life and some people go through many traumas of life.

Every great person has gone through the setback & extreme condition once. You have to go through this test and escaping or dulling yourself is not the solution & can never be the solution. Pain is a good teacher & it changes your life forever. Every big struggle comes for big achievements.

If you don’t like the situation focus on changing it. Remember ‘No condition is Permanent’.

It’s not the Dead End of your life & in rarest situation if you feel it’s a dead-end then you have to find U-turn to get to the new road. You always have the option.

You have to master the situation, you have to master the change of life while living it & not surviving it. You just cannot afford to lose your positivity & life to the situation which is just temporary.

Situation will change, its law of nature and you are reminded of this every single day that darkness will go off & beautiful morning will glow.

Happiness is not absence of problem. Happiness is ability to face problem, deal with it, master it & change it.

Here are the list of some useful tips which will help you to stay motivated, master situation & handle it in a better manner:

1.First analyze, accept & then change: Most common mistake of life is we avoid problems till we can. If you have a situation may be emotional, physical, psychological, professional, financial, legal any difficult situation. First thing you need to do is analysis it & accept it. Analysis situation & its impact on you and accept that this is the situation & you have to face it.

It’s actually a game of mind, if you confuse your mind by avoiding it will not give you solution & the very moment you tell your mind that this is the situation & need to come out of it. Your mind starts working toward change & gives you all possible ideas to change it & help you to do so.

2. Stay Positive: You cannot control what is happens to you but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.  So take courage & be positive. This is temporary situation & you can change it only with positive mind & courage.

Every Pain is part of new learning & is a way towards new life.

3.Believe: Everything happen for a special purpose, trust your god! You may be hurt rite now but one day you will feel that it was the best thing happened to you as it change your life & make it more happening.  Just Believe that everything will be fine soon.

4. Work towards change: No matter how dull & bad you feel, get up & start working on things. This will help you to stay motivated, focused & work toward solutions. Remember thousand miles start with single step.

5.Stay Motivated: For staying motivated search for motivational stuffs & people, it always works. Always read motivational stuffs and get connected to positive motivational people. It actually infuses positive hormones in body which help you & your mind to remain positive, calm & focused. It also help you alot to get back your zeal & find solution in a better manner.

6. Worrying & complaining, It’s a waste: Your worrying, complaining will not going to change your situation, infact you will waste your today & also chances to have better tomorrow. So stop worrying & complaining, its ok that things go wrong, now just focus on solution.

7. Keep going with Patience: It’s famous saying “if you are going through hell, keep going”. Every single effort you made will help you to solve your issues. Good things takes time but it will happen for sure, that’s a guarantee you will certainly going to see good time again. So just have patience & keep going.

8. Be Chill: You have to go through it & its truth, you cannot change it but you have choice to be sad & survive or to be happy, live & learn to master situation . Best trick to be Chill is if you are sad force yourself to do things which you really like may be following hobby & passion or going out with friends. Do it, after some time you feel lighter & it will help you to find new hope.

9. Laughter Works: It’s a part of Be Chill but I’m mentioning it separately because it’s the best medicine for your body, mind & soul. Always take out time for good laughter. I know during hard times we all feel like crying & sitting alone wearing our thinking caps & depressing caps. But you have to cut this, take it as a medicine whenever you start feeling low, push yourself to get some positive, happy vibes with help of laughter. Just go for anything that makes you laugh & spread smile on your face may be watching comedy serial or movie , reading jokes or hanging with jolly friends. Sounds weird sometimes but it will infuse endorphin & make you look at better side. Make sure you do it daily.

10. Always remind yourself these things:

a)      Sometimes life closes doors not because you don’t deserve but just because it’s time to move forward for much better things.  And that’s a good thing because we often won’t move unless circumstances force us to.

b)      Every great success requires some type of worthy struggle to get there.  Good things take time.  Be patient.  Everything is going to come together; maybe not immediately, but eventually.

c)       You always get a second chance.  You just have to take it and make the best of it.

d)      Every great successful person once struggle through setbacks & extreme pains but they make things happen & become so successful that you are reading their story to remain motivated. So stay focused as you have to write your inspirational successful story soon.

e)      Last but not least, there is no dead-end, but if you feel that then take U-turn & find the New Road. You always have the option, so take it & come out anyhow with flying colors. Always have positive approach: IF OPPORTUNITY IS NOT KNOCKING THEN ITS TIME TO BUILD THE DOOR!

Hope you find it useful!

All the very best!

Stay Strong, Stay Focused & Stay Content!



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