strength Quote

“Strength to achieve our dreams is the search we do all the time. It’s the hottest keyword in our own search engine… We look upon world to get that Strength in the form of inspiration, support,  appreciation, people views , etc. Even sometimes, we measure our strength with Human made IQ , EQ & other skill test to check whether we fit in our own dreams or not.. But we forget Strength is the innermost realization of our dream. It’s our own strong believe in self. It’s a power which comes from within.. Search strength inside… We all are blessed with what all we need including capabilities to have what we don’t!! STRONG BELIEVE IN SELF & NEVER DYING ATTITUDE TO ACHIEVE WHAT WE WANT, WHAT WE DREAM…IT’S  THE REAL STRENGTH!!”  – Nics (Nitika/ Nics)


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