Try until you succeed!


“Never Say You Have Failed Until You Have Reached Your Last Attempt, And Never Say It’s Your Last Attempt Until You Succeeded” – Anonymous


we are human with heart & feelings!!

my q1

We are so busy in our loud life that we forget to care about those little things which other do or try to do for us & refuse to admire that even acknowledge that.

Sometime it’s good to give smile on other’s face, sometimes its good to pour people with love when they are least expecting from you…

I know, No time for bonding in this fast world but still we can manage some time  for being good to others.  After all we are not programmed robots, we are human with heart & feelings!!      Nics (Nitika/ Neha)


Being Good Human is the best you can do for Humanity!

“Best free social work you can do is to inspire people to live positive life, give smile on other’s face when they least expect, respect others feelings without their level, never gossip, be responsible and never hurt someone who cares for you..

Yes! Being Good Human is the best you can do for Humanity” – Nics (Nitika/ Neha)

Life is another name of miracle!

“Life tests you every moment to give what you actually deserve. No matter how bad situation is never ever give up. Be the fighter!! Your unshakable trust, will, courage, positive attitude & persistence is the only way to turn things…You can always win and see miracles because life itself is another name of miracle” – Nics(Nitika/ Neha)