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Nikola Tesla: A Man Beyond Limits

Another big name in the world of science is Nikola Tesla. His name many of you will be familiar with. Tesla was a man who introduced us to modern scientific inventions that we were not familiar with before. These are the important inventions that shocked the world in the promotion of modernity.

Tesla worked for a short time at the Edison Machine Company. But later partnered with a few people to set up his own company and laboratory inside New York City. He invented many new electric products, most notably Important (alternating current) was easy to use. Since (AC) Induction Motor was not invented by Tesla but finding an easy way to use alternating current has completely changed the world.vToday we can easily carry electricity from one place to another This is what we see tonight in our glowing cities, thanks to this invention we are all seeing today.

Among Tesla’s other major inventions are the first X-ray image, the invention of the radio, Tesla was the first to send radio waves inside a boat that was 40 kilometers from New York but later caught fire in its lab. Because of this he could not prove it quickly. His invention was later recognized by the US Supreme Court in a court case, but radio was then known as (Marconi’s) invention, so the Supreme Court told him it was too late to prove it. He was the first person to invent it.

In addition, Tesla controlled a boat with “radio waves”. Which was not considered at first as it was considered impossible at that time but Tesla made it all wrong. By controlling it with radio waves, this invention led to the invention of remote, TV remote or garage remote etc. in the future. This was the first invention in the form of a robot, from which humans have advanced in robotics technology.

Also, the “Tesla Coil” was an invention that helped electrical engineers learn about the nature of electricity, that is, how to use it. He was the first person to give the world the idea of ​​using a wireless electric supply. He also built a tower in New York city to turn his idea into a reality. But later the project was left unfinished due to lack of funding. The same idea is being worked on in New Zealand today. New Zealand will be the first country in the world to make wireless power supply to its country in the near future. Tesla never cared about money. As long as he lived.

Today’s humanity is benefiting from his inventions everywhere. It is also a sad story that Tesla was not awarded any Nobel Prize for his inventions. But he was a great man. He did all this for humanity without any greed or reward. That is why today we all remember him with kind words.

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