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High Profit Top 10 Recycling business Ideas with Low Investment

Global warming has become one of the biggest environmental problems to planet earth. Among different causes of global warming, smoke and different types of industrial and house hold wastes are considered as major factors. Hence, recycling is must to protect our environment. But burning wastes will cause another hazard. So, we need a proper recycling ideas. It seems to be impossible on government level to meet such huge demand for recycling wastes. Which means there is a gap for entrepreneurs to enter this recycling industry because is the only industry in the world which has almost zero raw material cost.

Before entering into recycling business you have to figure out exactly which type of waste product you want to recycle like plastic, glass, metals, liquids. Secondly, which type of industry you want to target. Either you will recycle industrial waste (Medical, construction or electronic etc.) or house whole waste like junkyard or kitchen waste.

Here you can see 10 recycling business ideas in 2021 depending upon industry or types of waste products.

1. Metals Recycling Business Ideas

Metals like iron, aluminum and many others is one of the oldest recycling business idea. Process includes collection, sorting, melting or molding. After plastic, metal waste is abundantly produced and readily available. You need a collection network, a working unit having melting facility and of course skills or skilled labor.

2. Construction Waste Recycling Business Ideas

Construction waste is one of the untreatable and non-bio-degradable waste product. But you can collects, press and reshape it into various reusable construction materials like bricks, tiles, partition walls and false ceiling or even just as refill for shallow construction sites. It is a type of contractual business, you need to have strong PR network with demolishers and builders.

3. Electronics Waste Recycling Business Ideas

Electronic waste recycling business idea is one of the highest ROI recycling business idea. Recycling cycle ranges from collection, separation, sorting and processing. Mainly electronic circuits contains large amount of heavy metals which required a professional skill to get extracted and processed. It is also hazardous so, you need to take precautions.

4. Glass Recycling Business Ideas

Glass recycling business is the most underrated business idea. Statistics revealed that only the hospitality industry like restaurants, bars and pubs alone produced more than 200,000 tons of waste glass. This glass is normally sent into landfills untreated. Glass recycling process includes collecting, melting, reshaping and selling of amazing new products produced.

5. Mattress Recycling Business Ideas

Mattress recycling business idea is very unique and recent. Mattress is product of need and even homeless people need them to sleep. But after their particular life period, these mattresses are rejected and thrown into landfills causing environmental pollution. You can collect and recycle mattress into mattress again and other foam materials like cushions. Metal and fabric is also used for mattress manufacturing and can also be recycled.

6. Medical Waste Recycling Business Ideas

If you are looking for a challenging but a profitable recycling business idea, medical waste recycling business ideas is one you are looking for. Medical waste is hazardous, unhealthy and its recycling also demands safety measures. The process of medical waste recycling includes autoclaving, chemical disinfection, gas sterilization, microwave, irradiation and thermal inactivation etc. 

7. Paper Recycling Business Ideas

The most killing product for environment is paper. Because it is made up of tree. Every day thousands of trees are being cut for paper production. Paper production has huge scope and profitability. All you need is to collect and remake it. I would say it is my favorite business idea because it directly protect the environment by protecting tree.

8. Plastic Recycling Business Ideas

Plastic is most harmful waste product of present times as half life of plastic is 100 of years. Plastic is being used to manufacture version of almost every product you need like utensils, toys, sportswear, pipes, shopping bags, ornaments and furniture. Simple theme of plastic recycling business is to collect waste, process and reconvert into raw plastic or directly into a useful product like road tiles, mates, sheets and ornaments. Chemical process to recycle plastic includes pyrolysis, hydrolysis and heating. These days plastic is also being used as raw material for energy production. Plastic recycling is known as most common recycling business.

9. Textile Recycling Business Ideas

Same like mattress recycling business, textile recycling business ideas has great potential. Textile includes old clothes, sofa covers, bed sheets and other clothing products. The whole idea revolves around collecting, sorting depending upon types of fibers and color, redesigning the product. There are two risk factors in this business. Number one is that you need a large work force and you need a network for collecting clothes.

10. Wood Products Recycling Business Ideas

After paper recycling Business, Other wood products recycling business idea includes recycling of furniture and unused wood pieces. Yes, the wood is biodegradable item but by recycling it you can prevent new trees from cutting. Wood or furniture recycling business can be combined with textile or mattress recycling business idea to produce awesome products, with low investment and high profitability.

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