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Drive Book Summary: How to Motivate Yourself to Work in Free Time

Let me ask you a simple question. What makes us to be active and work despite having lot of free time rather than wasting it on social media? How we get motivation to work on our goals? These were few basic question which always fascinated author Daniel H. Pink to find their answers and lead him to write his amazing, New York Times bestseller and one of the amazon best selling book “Drive by Daniel H. Pink”

This is a kind of freaky science, because human nature is not easily self manipulative neither we are so much predictable. According to author there are three types of motivation.

1- Type 1.0

We call it “Survival Motivation” This is one of the oldest kind of motivation, We are following it since we are in this planet. We do certain things because we need them to survive as living being on earth.

2- Type 2.0 

Second kind of motivation which is also known as “Stick and Carrot Motivation” or “If This Then That Motivation”. Best Example of it is your house, parents says if you will complete your homework I will give you chocolates, if not I will be punished. This is one of the most common type of motivation in every sector from house to corporate. You will get promotion if you will work hard or may be fired off if you could not accomplish your assignment on time. But according to Daniel Pink this is not the most useful kind of motivation.

Author gives evidence by a research in MIT in which three groups of students were selected and were given multiple tasks from simple puzzles to tough physical activities and rewards were assigned according to there performance. Researchers were thinking that people will continue to show similar performance upto the last stage. but they were wrong. Similar results were found in experiments conducted in rural India.

3- Type 3.0

Type 3.0 is an intrinsic motivation, means motivation from inside of you. You do not need any salary or reward to perform such tasks. There are three things which help us to be intrinsically motivated. Author call these three things with acronym “AMP”. AMP stands for

1- Autonomy
Autonomy means Self-Control. Living your life with your ways. To be self motivated in any assigned task you need a bit autonomic freedom. Same strategy was implemented by ATLANSIAN a software company in Australia. They give 24 hours free time to their employees to do whatever they have in their minds and present their results in a meeting after 24 hours. After 24 hours every time they get amazing results in term of trouble shooting and innovation.

2- Mastery
There are hundred of skills people want to learn and be master in them. But fact is that it is not achievable. But still people are doing and investing days and nights to learn a particular skill. People do so because they like thrills, they want adventure and sense of contribution in their lives. 

3- Purpose
Purpose of maximum organizations is not money. Companies have slogans which highlight their purpose. Every Politician, Inventor, Businessman and Learner do not have money as their driving force. They have idealistic purpose, clear or unclear, declared or hidden. 

According to Daniel, if you want to know how to stay motivated all the time? give yourself a vision, a purpose and try to achieve mastery in minor things which can lead you to your purpose. 

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