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20 Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money or little money in 2021

According to my Philosophy of bucks, there are three mind sets regarding money. First type of people think that money is everything. They do work hard days and night without considering anything else. They have no time for family, friends or even for themselves. Second type of people think that money is nothing because money cannot buy happiness. They do not care about it and we are not going into details of these YOLO guys. Third type of people think that money cannot buy happiness but it is required to do the things that make you happy. These are the people who plans in their life. They think about their financial freedom, consider their retirement and always get ready to achieve it as early as possible.

How to be financially independent? Shortest answer to this question is “Business”. Be your own boss. Have an idea, work on it and let it grow for you. Usually when you will think about your own business you think how to start a business? First of all how to get money to start a business? Let me tell you that starting a business is not much expensive or very difficult. You need to plan it, work hard and be consistent. Here I am going to tell you 20 business ideas you can start with no money or little money in 2021.

Affiliate Marketing

Almost every online selling company has an affiliate program (Amazon Affiliate Program). If you have social media reach or any other platform like blog, youtube channel even if you can directly share links to your friends and colleagues. You can make a commission on every purchase they made through your affiliate link. All what you need is to sign up for any of these affiliate marketing program. Get your affiliate link and share it.


If you have knowledge about any skill, thing or event and you can write it for others. You can be a blogger. For blogging you need a domain for your niche like and a hosting account. Google Blogger is a best option for beginners. Because it is free and easy to build. You can sign up for Google Adsense and other advertisement platforms. You will get paid per unique visitor on your website.


If you are good at accounts or you like to play with numbers and data. There are lot of companies which do not want to hire a full time accountant. You can work as an accountant for multiple companies from your home. Help them to file their tax returns at the end of the financial year. You will get paid.

Coaching and Training

Do you have some hobby or good at your academic subjects? You have to market yourself. Teach or train other people interested in your skills or simply students who want to qualify their exam. You can start it from your home or a rental apartment or even provide services at door steps with some extra charges.


There are people having basic knowledge of a particular field. But they want your expert opinion which can help them to achieve their goal. Either save taxes, get their joint pain fixed or buy a property for an amount less than owners demand. If you are good at anything which help your clients physically or by saving their money. They are ready to pay you.

Content Writer

Content Writing is similar to blogging but you do not have to get a domain or hosting. Do not worry about your advertisement program to get approved. You can simply write and sale it to others. You can write an article, video subtitles, product description or a user manual. You simply start your work with online blogging websites and get paid per article.

Pet Walker

People with busy schedules have no time for their pets. Their pets are unattended at their houses. You can help them to take care of their pets. Bring them to park and have a walk. You can market yourself in posh housing colonies and get hired for morning, afternoon and evening shifts.

Drop Shipping

 Drop shipping is a type of online store. But you do not have to buy a product or ship it. You have to search a product and market it with a price tag slightly higher than supplier price. When you get an order you can order it from original seller. He will send his product to your customer and will charge you. You will charge your customer and make a commission.

Freelance Salesman

There a thousands of wholesalers in market. If you are good at selling. You can pick a product from wholesalers and sale it to retailers and get some commission. You do not need to have money or purchase a product. Select the product, take one or two samples and go to retailers.

Graphic Designing

Every business need a graphical content to market their business. Graphic designing is not a difficult skill. Even people are doing it using online designing platforms (For Example: Canva). But can only be successful in this business if you have good tasks of colors and designs.

Service Provider Rental

Suppose refrigerator of your friend is suddenly down and he need a mechanic. He have to go to the market, find him, negotiate him and get it fixed. What if you have contact numbers of few mechanics. He calls you and you send a mechanic to his house. You will charge some extra because you saved him from hustle.

Second option is there are lot of mechanics in the market but have to job. You offer them jobs and for every task he will pay you certain amount. You can provide maids, garden cleaner, carpenters, steel fixer, plumber or electrician. 

Social Media Manager

Power of social media is unmeasurable. Every business needs a professional social media handler to update their social media profiles regularly. If you are good at social media. You have to find business which have no time to manage their social media. You can manage instagram, facebook page or twitter for businesses or individuals.

Social Media Marketing

There are businesses which do not need to manage their social media profiles or managing by themselves. They just to advertise their business to social media through advertisement campaigns. You can run a target oriented advertisement for their business. You can be their permanent marketing company or they can contact you on every product arrival.

Stock Photography and Videography

If you have a lens either mobile or a camera. You click photograph or shot short video clips of few seconds and upload them to different stock photos and videography websites like shutterstock, pexel, pexabay etc. People will purchase copyright from you to use your content.

Tourist Guide

Traveling is a hobby of resourceful people. They like to visit new place. You can guide them of you know details about a particular tourist spot. But finding new client is main problem in this field. You can contract with tourist visa operator, airline companies, taxi services or go to airport with placard of “Tourist Guid” to exit floor.


Marketing in current times is based upon product acknowledgement. If a celebrity or a famous personality is using a product customer will prefer it. Brands are always looking for such people having maximum social media reach. You can acknowledge their product and make a sponsored money.

YouTube Channel

Adsense on you tube videos is one of the methods to earn money online. Just like blogging, if you are good at something worthy for people to know about. You can make youtube video and earn per view.

eBook Writing

Passive income with eBook is one of the best assets to make passive income. You can write a 300-500 pages of a eBook, save as PDF and upload it for sale to different eBook stores like Kindle.

Online Store

After Freelance salesman, affiliate marketing or drop shipping if you have some money to purchase a stock of product of your choice. You can make an online store, take orders and deliver it through Courier Company by yourself. Most successful online store platform is Shopify, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

One Dish Restaurant

How to run a successful restaurant business idea. The answer to this question is “with a special dish”. Try to start from one dish. But there is no room for quality compromise because you do not have other option for compensation. You can start from a potato chips stall, coffee corner, ice cream bar, tea stall, burger corner or even sandwich.

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